My favourite television advert at the moment is the one where ‘Moose’ the Boxer dog is in the park with his owner/human, his owner’s friend and a French bulldog called Bean who is wearing a ‘lampshade’. It took me a couple of views before the relevance of the bulldog’s French accent registered with me! Very funny and very clever in my opinion.

The funniest part of the advert for me is the bit where Moose says ‘ok, throw squeaky, no take only throw’.

It makes me smile because both Daisy and Oscar do exactly the same thing – Oscar with a tennis ball or stick and Daisy with a frisbee. Oscar will lay down and put his squeaky equivalent between his front paws. He looks at me with his big brown eyes so I approach him, bend down to pick up his ball or stick in order to throw it for him, because let’s face it, I am not throwing it for my own benefit, and then he snatches it away from me!

Ball in position. No take, only throw.

When heading off to the park I always check with Phil if we have a frisbee for Daisy. We reach the park, I throw the frisbee, she chases it, quite often she will catch it in midair and I think the fun has begun. She then proceeds to refuse me any further contact with said frisbee (unless she decides to temporarily give up possession of the frisbee in exchange for a cocktail sausage) and will complete the walk carrying her precious frisbee in her mouth. We have lost many frisbees to the sea, rivers and lakes as she even takes the frisbee for a dip rather than let me take it.

Buster sometimes gets the better of Daisy and steals the frisbee from her mouth and as he is more than happy to exchange it for a tennis ball I can sometimes, by default, take control of the frisbee again; although not for very long.

In fact Buster is the only one out of the three Spaniels who seems to get the idea i.e. human takes squeaky equivalent (always a tennis ball in Buster’s case), throws it, dog chases it, brings it back, human takes…and repeat and repeat and repeat and in Buster’s case repeat again and again!

Buster gets it!

The ‘Moose’ advert made me wonder if it is only dog owners who will get the humour behind his request for the squeaky to only be thrown and not taken. Although having said that, according to RSPCA facts and figures the UK dog population in 2017 is estimated at 8.5 million dogs so even if it is only dog owners who get it; the advert will still be putting a smile on a lot of peoples’ faces!

I have loved all the adverts featuring Moose even though Boxers have not previously been one of my favourite breeds. I think Moose may have converted me.

Moose loves spending time with his owner and in a previous advert; when his owner is in the bath Moose asks ‘wot dooing?’ and wants to get in the bath with him, bringing his own bath toy in anticipation of being able to share the bath. He also wanted to go and visit a relative with his owner and has a pair of shoes on in readiness.

I can’t wait to see what he will be up to, dare I say it in September, in his Christmas advert. If it was down to me, Moose’s human would be wrapping up warm; putting on his hat and scarf in preparation for going Christmas Carol singing and Moose would ask ‘wot dooing?’ whilst wearing his own scarf and bobble hat as he wants to go happens every Christmas in our house!