My partner and I attended a 1-hour session with Phil to work on some basic lead etiquette with our Staffordshire Bull Terrier Frank. Within the first 15 minutes of using Phil’s techniques, we had Frank walking at our side unlike previously where he would be pulling up ahead.

We followed up the next week for a seminar for lead reactive dogs where Phil had us doing a number of exercises with other reactive dogs. Franks normal behaviour while on the lead would be to lunge towards passing dogs.

We now have the knowledge we need to handle head-on interactions. With the techniques we were taught by Phil I’m certain we will have Franks full attention on walks within no time.

What I loved about the training was that although there was structure, Phil was quite happy to allow us to reenact real-life scenarios and train around that. For example, we had advised Phil that Frank can lunge at bikes as they pass so Phil got a bike out and we trained with that.

After the first session we knew we would continue using Phil until we reached our goals.

Ed Johnson

I recently attended a 1 day training seminar for lead reactive dogs run by Phil with my collie cross Cashew. Under Phil’s guidance I was able to learn and practice the techniques I needed to change Cashew’s focus from the dogs around him to me and what I was asking and expecting of him.

We undertook a series of exercises based on real life scenarios and practiced each one until we felt comfortable before moving on, which gradually built up my confidence in my ability to handle each situation.

It was a great feeling when towards the end of the session we were all walking together with our dogs and it was as if Cashew hardly noticed they were there.

I would definitely recommend Phil to anyone looking for help in dog training or behavioural issues and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Martha Roberts

Sam Hyde

Bear the puppy, a Cane Corso, we are really looking forward to working with them both again soon.

Sam Hyde
Pro Cruiserweight Boxer

Jenny Powell

A massive thanks Phil for all your help and training tips with our rescue Staffie she’s turned out a great addition to our family.

Jenny Powell
TV Presenter

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and his dog training methods. The sessions were fun, achieved great results and Phil was always on hand to give advice when needed.

Chris Smalling

We sought advice from Phil to help us to bring on our young dog. Phil provided us with information and techniques which have helped us to train Freddie to become the friendly, well rounded and lovely dog that he is.

Sally Dynevor

George the rescue staffie wasn’t badly behaved when he came to live with us, we just wanted to address some areas of George’s behaviour that needed smoothing over. Phil was a great help with recall and lead walking and generally helped us all settle comfortably into our new lives together.

Sue Cleaver

Coco, our Chocolate Lab, was a nightmare to walk, even after some previous training and had pulled my wife over. Fortunately I met Phil from K9 Services+ through a friend and now she’s the dog I always wanted

Justin Moorhouse

Today Phil came and immediately assessed my (nearly 3 year old) dog’s concerns and the behaviours that he presented. I was worried that it would be difficult for me after so many ‘trainers’ involved in his life with little gained.

However, I very quickly felt at ease with Phil and I was impressed with his ability to address the issues with my dog whereby I could see his approach and work being effective within 30 minutes.

I have put into practice the model Phil advised me to use and it is so gratifying to see my dog much more relaxed and being able to allow me to take the lead.

Phil brings a respectful honest approach to his work, he has a straightforward and considerate style, he listens and makes sense of the dog’s needs and how an owner might need to adapt to new styles and understandings.

Thank you so much Phil Campbell for your help and expertise.

Judy Williams

We contacted Phil a few months ago for assistance with our 2 dogs a 13 year old miniature dachshund and a 3 year old jack russel.

Both dogs were terrible lead walkers and we would never have taken a chance to ever let them off lead. Walk times were extremely stressful for us and few and far between. After having only a few sessions with Phil the dogs were better on lead and by the third session they were off lead and behaving amazing well and even coming back to us every time we called them!

Thank you so much Phil for making walk times fun again! Just goes to show you really can teach an old dog new tricks!!

Sarah Brandt

As first time dog owners of a high energy extremely lively and bouncy cockerpoo puppy we quickly called Phil at K9 Services+ for help and advice on a friends recommendation, Phils training sessions both at home and at the field were superb and Bailey responded very well and he was quickly under Phils spell!

Our puppys recall improved dramatically and he was definitely more focused on us during our walks and learned to keep his paws on the ground making our walks more of a pleasure than a chore.

Maria Doughty and Family
Didsbury, Manchester

When our ten month old Yorkshire Terrier, Maxim, developed a taste for nipping runners ankles and other challenging behaviours that went well beyond youthful enthusiasm we knew we needed some expert help.

Phil was recommended to us by our dog walker. After just one home visit Phil had shared a wealth of knowledge with the aim of helping me think like a dog and communicate more effectively with both our dogs reinforcing his correct position in our family pack.

One week on and the results were clear and the behaviour of both our dogs had improved enormously. Our second session involved Phil setting up some scenarios designed to test both dogs and working with Phils three immaculately trained dogs.

By the third session involved more scenarios with bikes and joggers and me putting my timing and Phils techniques into practice.

Thank you Phil for making our lives with our two special companions so much more enjoyable.

Mrs V Taylor
Heaton Moor

Having achieved a good standard already in group classes elsewhere, working one to one with Phil has brought Willum my labradoodle and I up to another level.

The work is challenging and fun and working alongside Phils own dogs has really helped and provides realistic life situations.

I would not hesitate to recommend him regardless of you or your dogs age, ability or temperament.

Mr R Harrison

The Quealy family would like to add to your ever growing list of testimonials. The work you have done so far with our springer x collie pup B has been excellent, its great to see how interactive the sessions have been for our three children and how much they have benefited from being part of the training.

We look forward to contin uing her development with yourself. Many thanks.

The Quealy Family

Many thanks to Phil for helping my border terrier Alfie to stop chasing sheep. This was a huge problem for us as we had come very close to Alfie being shot by a farmer whist worrying some sheep, Phil was recommended to us by several people and due to his great training techniques we now have a very obedient border terrier who has no inclination to chase sheep.

Thanks Phil.

Hale Barns

We would like to thank you for your help and advice in training our Tibetan Terrier puppy, Bobby.From the initial home visit your knowledge and understanding have made our task much simpler and our relationship with Bobby is much more pleasurable as a result. Thank you once again and please feel free to quote us on this.

B & J Randall

I would like to say a big thank you for all your help, encouragement and support you have given me whilst i have been training Indie my Curly Coated Retriever. He is now a much happier dog who readily responds to commands.

He really seems to enjoy our obedience training sessions and wags his tail the whole time we are training. When i first asked for your help i didnt know much and was extremely frustrated with him as i could not get through to him on any level, he would not respond or even listen to me, let alone come back when called.

After a couple of introductory lessons I began to gain my confidence and you started putting us through our paces working on heel work and basic obedience on a weekly basis.

After 3 months I decided I had progressed enough to consider entering an obedience competition. You progressed to working us through the requirements of each class in which we would be entered. Your patience and enthusiasm took over and gave me the belief that we could possibly come away from this competition with a rosette.

On 6th November 2010, I took Indie to Derby for an obedience show. After competing I felt we had conducted ourselves well although I didnt realise how well until the end of the day when the results were given. We had received a Second in the Special Elementary Class but even better a First Place in the more difficult Special Pre-Beginners Class.

Strangely enough i wasnt at all nervous, such was the preparation we had put in.

Anne Russel

As the owner of a very lively eighteen month old Catalan Sheepdog called Lorca, I can highly recommend Phils dog training and canine behavioural skills. Lorca had developed some character traits that were making him unmanageable.

He would not come when called and was frequently aggressive towards other dogs. When out of the house he was highly strung and nervous. Through working with Phil, Lorca is a totally different dog-friendly, happy, obedient and utterly lovable.

Phils combination of firm but fair inspires confidence and brings calm to the most difficult situations, im very happy we found him

Dr Beadette Lynch

Boris, my Staffie was insecure and found socialising with other dogs difficult. After a few sessions with Phil he has transformed into a well behaved dog, under control in all circumstances. Phils firm kind handling techniques have been quickly lead by all the people who regularly handle Boris and he is now a much happier, confident dog who trusts his handler to take control so he can just enjoy his life without anxiety.

Training sessions are informative, they work and both dog and owner have fun.

Thanks Phil.

Mrs R Lockett

I first met Phil while he was out walking two of his dogs. I noticed him on the field asking his dogs to sit, down, stay etc in various orders and noticed they obeyed him religiously!

Myself and my dog Oscar bumped into Phil and I commented how obedient his dogs were and he introduced himself as a dog trainer. I had no hesitation and booked a series of lessons. Oscar took to him immediately and within a few sessions was walking to heel, sit, stay, down and most importantly recalling beautifully.

Phil is firm but fair, kind and patient and takes time to come and meet you and your dog in your own environment, talk to you about your issues that are worrying or conceing you and is always happy to give advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Miss Z Aspin

Since working with K9 Services+, Holly my four year old German Shepherd is a different dog. She is a pleasure to take out, she listens and responds to me. I still have an occasional refresher session with Phil to make sure im keeping on top of things.

I would highly recommend Phil to anyone.

Gina Bird

Thanks for helping me train my rather hyperactive Cocker Spaniel! The training was fun as well as educational for both myself and Cowboy. Not only did you help me train Cowboy, you also gave advice about how the puppy fits in as part of the family and day to day routines etc.

Since the training, Cowboy has been a great deal calmer and we are all enjoying his company so much more.

I would definitely recommend your services and in fact i was just telling a friend about you today!

Thanks Phil.

Mrs A Offland

I am 60 years old and never wanted a dog particularly because I was scared of them. The tension increased when my wife told me we were having a Springer Spaniel who everyone told me were crazy and would wreck my house.

Thanks to the excellent training of Phil this did not happen. He helped me overcome my fear and I now have the most lovable, obedient dog in Buster.

Just goes to show that you can change when you have the right expertise.

Mr T Searl

Phil was recommended to us before we even got Bella, our Springer Spaniel puppy and within 2 days of her arrival we asked him for our first of several training sessions. Phil gave us excellent advice and helped us through some difficult times with such a lively puppy.

She is now 9 months old, and a delight to have as a pet.

I would recommend him far and above group sessions as he really gets to know your dog and gets fast results.

Mrs R Wilson

Phil has been a great help to us as first time dog owners. His one to one lessons and commitment mean that he has established a real relationship with us and our puppy Max.

Not only has he taught us great behavioural and training techniques but has also given us great advice with day to day dog ownership.

Phils lessons have been well rounded and tailored to our needs including socialisation, obedience and other training exercises.

Phil has helped us become confident dog owners and we have already recommended K9 Services+ to our friends.

Tom & Amandine
South Manchester

Our Scottish Deerhound, Lola was always a friendly puppy but being so big it was important that she new how to behave around other dogs and people, especially children.

Phil has given me the confidence and the tools to train her on and off the lead and she now listens to me, is much calmer and she gets better by the day.

Mrs D Cross

Thanks for all the help with our problem dog Ginnie, the Manchester Terrier.

Thanks to your common sense approach to the barking and poor control issues, things are now under control. The whole house is now so much calmer as is Taz our other dog.

Ginnie is definitely more relaxed, obedient and in tune with us, the techniques you have given us will continue to be used and harmony is here at last, thanks again.

Mr T Potter

We saw an enormous improvement in Beaus behaviour from day one. We lead that success required a big change in our behaviour first so Beau lead to respect us rather than treating us like one of his litter mates.

With a mixture of consistent rules, commanding body language and tasty rewards, Phil has helped us to turn a naughty pup into an adorable dog.

The one to one approach beats the overcrowded puppy class hands down.

Miss S Lafferty
Warrington, Cheshire

We wanted to write and express our deepest gratitude to you following the success weve had so far with our Dalmatian, Harley.

We knew when we rescued Harley that he was going to be a handful but we took him convinced that we could provide a better life for him. He became unmanageable and it was clear that he had little or no training and socialisation skills.

You made a difference from the start, taking us back to basics, walking on lead, recall etc, which meant we could finally let him off lead. (Harley wouldnt even get in a car, an issue you later cracked).

Your firm but fair approach clearly deliver fantastic results, even when Harley revealed an aggressive streak towards other dogs you werent fazed and worked with us and taught us how to control him and the situation.

The time we have invested and your involvement in training Harley has made an enormous difference to all of our lives. Our sincerest thanks and hope we see you soon.

Diane & Tim

Phil was recommended to me by a previous customer of his and now i am more than happy to also recommend his services. The combination of practical advice and the application of some clever techniques really works.

So much so that i am pleased to say that little Max is coming along really well and has quickly picked up all of the basic obedience and people say that Miniature Dachshunds are hard to train!!

I am sure that with the continued use of Phils techniques, Max will continue to improve.

R Madgin

After having rescue dogs all our lives with a variety of issues we thought buying our first puppy would be a breeze. At the age of two our cute little Boerboel puppy was about 2 stone heavier than me and a dominant boy to say the least.

After being dragged across the road to meet head on with his arch rival the German Shepherd on many occasions then with the ensuing argument with my husband regarding what we should or shouldnt be doing enough was enough an Phil was called in as our last resort before just accepting our situation.

I thought Phil might be able to do something in maybe four or more sessions but oh no, within an hour we were trotting past the arch enemy in his garden with both as relaxed as each other.

We were gobsmacked to say the least. We continued to have a couple of basic training sessions and have recently moved onto protection training with Phil due to the speed Hector has responded to Phil’s techniques.

Due to working with Phil our dog has gone from a teenage tearaway to show ring standard in less than three months, so much so that he has been crowned the UK Boerboel champion of 2011 and we are in no doubt this is due to the work we have done with Phil.

I have recommended him to two of my friends who have also had amazing results with him.

Amazing results from a really nice guy!!

Philippa & Ian
Buage, Manchester