Obedience Training

Have you ever been to the park/out for a walk and become cross, frustrated or embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour? Does your dog’s lack of recall put him at risk of harming himself? With a little time and effort and by using our advice and methods it is possible to:-

  • Be a confident dog owner;
  • Have a stress free and enjoyable day out with your dog;
  • Be proud of your dog

Once your puppy reaches adolescence (the teenage years!) you may begin to see unwanted behaviour and find you need help with new issues. Adolescent dogs explore their world and test their own abilities in ways that can be exasperating for their humans. A dog who once happily came running back to you when called may suddenly become deaf!

K9 Services Plus can equip you and your dog with the right skills to address any new problems and get you back on the right track. Our sessions can include polishing up recall, perfecting lead walking and learning the polite way to meet other dogs.

We often deal with rescue dogs who through no fault of their own can have many issues, but with the correct help and guidance can become much loved and well-rounded members of the family.

If you are considering giving a rescue dog a home we will visit the rescue centre with you to assist you in choosing the right dog for you. With the right owner and with a bit of time and effort, the most troubled dogs can become happy and contented and be a pleasure to have as part of the family.

Sam Hyde

Bear the puppy, a Cane Corso, we are really looking forward to working with them both again soon

Sam Hyde
Pro Cruiserweight Boxer

Jenny Powell

A massive thanks Phil for all your help and training tips with our rescue Staffie she's turned out a great addition to our family.

Jenny Powell
TV Presenter

I would not hesitate to recommend Phil and his dog training methods. The sessions were fun, achieved great results and Phil was always on hand to give advice when needed.

Chris Smalling

We sought advice from Phil to help us to bring on our young dog. Phil provided us with information and techniques which have helped us to train Freddie to become the friendly, well rounded and lovely dog that he is.

Sally Dynevor