Daisy, Oscar and Buster go to work every day with Phil so have decided they want to try out different jobs for a change! (Buster is wearing a chef hat in case his new job of choice isn’t obvious from the photo – it isn’t a pair of pants on his head!).

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs. Check out their website for details of the charities and for details of how you can get involved.

Phil and Oscar were on BBC Breakfast back in April discussing this topic (Phil was doing the talking, Oscar was just looking cute). Phil was asked about the pros and cons of taking your dog to work and, in my opinion, he did well for his first TV appearance!

I work in a small office and Buster and Daisy would both get bored once the initial novelty had worn off whereas Oscar would love to spend the day with his mum! They all play a part in helping Phil to train dogs, whether it be Daisy correcting the behaviour of over exuberant puppies or Buster showing off his heel work or Oscar signalling to Phil that another dog has poor social skills . They are often included in the training sessions and have even helped a lady who was extremely scared of dogs overcome her fear. They get paid handsomely with chewy sticks and gravy bones so their hard work doesn’t go unrewarded.

Phil has had quite a few customers who do take their dogs to work with them and he has helped with any unwanted behaviour in the work place, which has meant both dog and owner get to enjoy each other’s company. If you have ever heard the howls of a dog who has separation anxiety and is left home alone you will know it is extremely upsetting.

In view of Daisy’s nursing skills being limited to checking up on me when I sneeze and Oscar only being interested in digging up flowers in the garden, I think they should stick to their current employment with Phil.

Buster on the other hand/paw, might do very well as a chef/baker….albeit with a very limited style of cake to offer….

Dog Cake
Dog Cake